Groundwater Management Area #1 (GMA #1)

The Texas Water Code requires groundwater conservation districts to conduct joint planning with their respective groundwater planning area. The main goal of this planning effort is to define the desired future conditions of groundwater resources within the GMA.

Groundwater Management Area # 1 consists of all or part of the following counties in the Texas Panhandle:  Dallam, Sherman, Hansford, Ochiltree, Lipscomb, Hartley, Moore, Hutchinson, Roberts, Hemphill, Oldham, Potter, Carson, Gray, Wheeler, Randall, Armstrong and Donley.

Hemphill County Underground Water Conservation District, North Plains Groundwater Conservation District, and Panhandle Groundwater Conservation District are within GMA # 1. A small portion of the High Plains Underground Water Conservation District's service area in Armstrong, Potter, and Randall Counties is within GMA # 1.

View a map of Groundwater Management Area # 1 from the Texas Water Development Board.


As a result of House Bill 1763, passed during the 79th regular Texas Legislative Session (2005), groundwater conservation districts are now required to conduct joint planning within their respective groundwater planning area.  The primary goal of this planning is to define the desired future conditions of groundwater resources within their GMA. 

Districts can consider establishing different future conditions for each aquifer, subdivision of an aquifer or geologic strata, and each geographic area overlying an aquifer within a groundwater management area.

Once it is determined, the groundwater conservation districts are required to submit their desired future conditions statements to the Executive Administrator of the Texas Water Development Board in Austin. The TWDB will then provide each district and regional water planning group in the respective GMA with the values of managed available groundwater based upon the desired future conditions.

Districts are required to report the managed available groundwater in their groundwater management plans and ensure that the plans contain goals and objectives consistent with achieving the desired future conditions.

Regional water planning groups are required to use the managed available groundwater numbers in their regional water plans. 


Hemphill County UWCD Manager Janet Guthrie and Jim Haley
High Plains UWCD Board President Lynn Tate & Board Member Mike Beauchamp (alternate) 
North Plains GCD Manager Steve Walthour and Bob Zimmer
Panhandle GCD Manager C.E. Williams and John R. Spearman