Hydrologic Atlases

Information contained in the High Plains Underground Water Conservation District's hydrologic atlas series is now available in digital format using a web-based application tool. These data are now updated to reflect 2011 groundwater conditions of the Ogallala Aquifer within the district's 16-county service area.  

Click here to access the site.   (Site updated April 4, 2013)

Printable PDF files of the updated atlas maps are now available. 

These maps depict the volume of water in storage (saturated thickness); elevation of the water table; base of the Ogallala Formation; and land surface elevation for each county or portion of a county within the HPWD service area. 

Please note that data contained in the hydrologic atlas series is furnished for informational purposes only. The High Plains Water District does not warrant its use for real estate transactions or other matters.