Information/Education Programs

With the inception of The Cross Section newsletter in June 1954, the High Plains Underground Water Conservation District No. 1 began its Information/ Education program. Since that time, numerous activities have been added in order to educate the public about the importance of water and water conservation.

The Cross Section celebrates its 59th year of publication in 2013. The four-page tabloid-sized newsletter is mailed free of charge to a subscriber mailing list of more than 7,000 local, state, and national readers.

The Information/Education Division also provides news releases to local, state, and national news media on a timely basis. The District has received two Watermark Awards for communications excellence from the Texas Section of the American Water Works Association for its news releases.


The Water District maintains a public service announcement campaign where 60-second pre-recorded water conservation messages are aired on local radio stations. Also, the Information/Education staff produces 30-second water-related public service announcements which are aired on Lubbock television stations.


Displays and exhibits are taken annually to the  Amarillo Farm & Ranch Show, and other professional meetings.

The current display discusses the geologic and hydrologic features of the Ogallala aquifer in the Southern High Plains. Previous displays have included center pivot irrigation, surge irrigation, irrigation history, drip irrigation, open wells and farm safety, "water wise" landscaping, and irrigation application efficiencies.


Information/Education Division staff are available to present programs to social, civic, and professional groups throughout the District.


A wide range of informational materials are available to the public through information boards in the office reception area.

For more information, contact Public Information/Education Group Supervisor Carmon McCain at (806) 762-0181 or by e-mail at




The service described in this document is available only to persons residing within the 16-county High Plains Underground Water Conservation District No. 1 service area.

The goal of the High Plains Underground Water Conservation District's public school education program is to educate students about the importance of water and water conservation, to advance transfer of new water conservation technology through public education, and to attempt to modify water use habits through public education.

Target audiences are elementary school students, junior high school students, high school students, and public school administrators (water use in buildings, playgrounds, and athletic fields).


The High Plains Water District conducts a water conservation education program using the WaterWiseTM materials originally developed by Energy Technology Laboratories and the National Energy Foundation. Since 1996, "Water Wise" kits containing high-efficiency plumbing fixtures have been distributed to students in participating schools within each of the five District Directors' Precincts within the Water District service area.

Click here to read a Texas Tribune article about the WaterWise program!


The Information/Education Group is available to make water-related presentations to schools within the District. These presentations can be adapted to any grade level. Contact to schedule a presentation.


The Information/Education Group receives numerous requests from students and parents throughout the academic year for water-related information. This information is used for class reports, class projects, and science fair entries.

Information about the water district's public information program is available by contacting Public Information/Education Group Supervisor Carmon McCain at